Apóyenme con un “like” antes del 8 de Enero. Si quieren y pueden difundan, gracias a su colaboración podre estar viajando a Liverpool en Marzo del 2012 para las finales de la competencia Global Your Big Year, estar rodeada de gente con intereses de mejora social y conocer a líderes comunitarios. Pueden visitar las redes sociales para más información de esta magnífica competencia. Este es el link que tienen que seguir para votar:

Si tienen algún problema con la votación, les dejo un tutorial:

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I love smaller earth

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Happy New Year!

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Listos para el Zombie Walk!

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Top 5 #1 Fin del Mundo

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In Focus: Supra Humanos

In Focus is a section where we know more about important bands in Puebla! We go to their places, catch up with their lives, and share with you data you won’t find anywhere else.

For this first and very special time we had the pleasure of working with The Supra Humanos. They are one of the most important emerging surf bands here in Puebla.

Find more of their lives, origins, likes, experiences working together in this interview made by Alfredo Jimenez..

Brought to you by Eckhoes Video and Eckhoes Magazine

Supra Humanos are going to be performing this Friday in the Event “Bloody Horror” October 22 in Rayuela 2 oriente grave #809 Centro Historico Puebla Pue.

We Eckhoes and the Supra Humanos will see you there!

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Eckhoes First Steps

This is our first recording. It was made one year ago. We decided to share it with you because this is a very special month to us. October is our Anniversary as a Project. Things haven’t been easy a lot of changes misses and hits, but we still alive!

We never publish this recording as a podcast, but now we present it to you as a VodCast. Hope you like it!



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Podcast The Sexual Awakening



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Podcast Alice in Wonderland



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Eckhoes Magazine


Children Day!

In this number:

Lullabies… Children first interaction with music

Youngster actors who starred 3 of the most representative Mexican movies of the history

How and when to have “the talk” with kids

Versus: Laptop or a Mini Laptop; what should I buy?

Deterioration of the Ozone Layer

Of Mice and Men

Plus +


Interview with Supra Humanos

Podcast BETA!


And more…

brought to you by

Fultad de Lenguas BUAP

Eckhoes Editorial

April 2010

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