The UrbanPhoto Corner

We are convinced that Puebla is more than churches, architecture or historical monuments.
Take your chances and camera on hand, observe and  then shot … We’ll be waiting for your urban pics.
….Let the world see through your eyes.

Murals have a long history in our country.This year México recalls the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the independence and 100th years of the beginning of the Revolutionary movement.Young artists from Puebla celebrate expressing themselves this way.

Murals located under the Puente de México (La libertad)
Photographs by nini
Fecha: 03/26/2010

Murals in Puebla, Mexico

Bicentenario de la Independencia y centenario de la Revolucion.

Murals In Puebla, Mexico.

Father and son watching the football match.

Father & Son

One of Mexicans’ passions is FOOTBALL. This picture shows a father and son watching the football match Puebla VS America. They stand near to the pub’s bar  until the game was finished.

Picture: Father and son.

Location: La beberecua Bar.

Photographer: nini

Date: 03/28/2010

Do you remember??

It has passed almost two months since the LEMO Tongues awards. Here you have all the pictures we collected during the party. Do not forget to comment and buddy  if you’re  part of the slide  let the other know it into a comment.

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