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As child we start…

By M. Alfredo

I vaguely remember the days when I was a child. I can’t accurately remember places, or faces. Everything seems a bit foggy and it gets darker every passing year. However, we will always have a child in our hearts. Every time we discover something new, or find someone in the way, we will have a childish feeling in our hearts and heads. A good way to avoid hate and stupid conflicts is by remembering the days when we were naive and happy about everything. When we didn’t care about how much we had, we wanted or we lost. Let’s remember the days when life itself had a special meaning every time we breathe. Therefore, out of all that importance; Eckhoes Magazine decided to dedicate our first Issue to the Celebration of the Children day In Mexico. We want to celebrate children and to be a child. We want you to join us to our little celebration and; while doing so, try to remember those days when you where a little kid. Share with us and with the world your experiences: good or bad moments, things to commemorate, pictures to cherish, everything you want. Welcome to our Childish Celebration!

Little Eckhonauts

Little Eckhonauts



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