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Deterioration of the Ozone Layer

By Elizabeth Maldonado

The Ozone layer has negatively been affected notably by certain substances during last years. Maybe you wonder, what is the Ozone layer? Why do we need this for? Well, I have read that the Ozone layer is a thin shield of gas that covers the Earth and helps to be life possible on Earth. Without this thin shield life could not be possible. It is so important for human life due to the fact that the Ozone layer absorbs the ultraviolet radiations (UV-B) that come from the sun. Nevertheless, it is so important for human life, we have affected Ozone layer due to our daily activities in one way or another. We have used certain products that contain basically chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), which make the ozone layer decreases so it can not help us to avoid the ultraviolet radiations.

As it is said in paragraph one, the main substances that affect the Ozone layer are chlorofluorocarbons. You can find these substances on products that you use everyday. For example, sprays, paintings, insecticides, cleaning products, and domestic refrigerators. So what you can do in order to avoid the damage of the Ozone layer is not to use products with chlorofluorocarbons. If you are thinking about buying products in aerosol I recommend you to read the ingredients before buy it. If you do this you will feel more confident about the product you are buying. Also, avoid using deodorants in spray; you can substitute them for deodorants in bars. Use gel instead of spray. Avoid aerosols for shaving, instead use soup and shaving cream. Finally, I think we need to educate children in these topics to make them aware of the situation and teach them what they can do for our planet and what the consequences of bad use of products have in our environment.


To sum up, if we want to avoid making the Ozone layer thinner we need to take actions and start avoiding the use of these products. We only need to follow the recommendations and try to be more responsible of our planet. Earth has given everything to us, so it is time for us to take care of it. I think most of us want a better future for our next generations, so it is time to get involve in environmental issues and start introducing children and young people in these topics. They need to appreciate what we have and look for new alternatives to have quality of live.



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