Anime for children

By Harumi Vargas

Surely when you hear the word ‘anime’ the first thing that comes to your mine is ‘Dragon Ball Z’ or ‘Sailor Moon’. You may also think that the anime is intended only for children, since all cartoons (although I would say that anime is Japanese animation) are directed to them; but it is important to remember that you can find anime for children, for adolescents, for adults, etc. So, now that we are in the same frequency of ideas, I’m going to present some animes that are nice for children, although you can check them first and decide by yourself if you want to play them to your little siblings, nieces, nephews and all the children you know.

Some animes that are known in our country and that I consider are a good recommendation for children are Card Captor Sakura, Digimon, Pokemon, and Heidi, Girl of the Alps. They are relatively easy to find.

There is also this genius that creates wonderful stories for children and his name is Hayao Miyazaki. Maybe his name is unfamiliar to you but if you have seen Princess Mononoke, or Spirited Away (‘El Viaje de Chihiro’ in Spanish) then you have an idea about the work of this artist. Some of his stories for children are: Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service,  and Castle in the Sky. Although these amazing stories are intended for children, I’m sure you will enjoy them and remember again your childhood.





Las Batallas en el Desierto

By Aida Morales

It is a novel written by José Emilio Pacheco who tells the story of Carlos, a young guy living their scholar live as it is supposed that kids of primary school do, but everything changes when Jim arrives at the neighborhood with his mom. At the time Jose describes Carlos’s live he also recounts and describes the social and political context in which the story took place that was at the beginning of modern Mexico and the disappearance of the traditional country.

I recommend this book for the people that result complicated to read because is a short and easy due to the versatile style of Jose. This is a masterful peace that has been translated around the world and that even it has been made in song.

Any work stem from Jose Emilio is worthwhile to read I can recommend you any of them but the ones that I like the most are the already mentioned, Gota de lluvia y otros poemas para niños y jóvenes and El principio del placer



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Of Mice and Men

By Eva Trujeque

Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men

This masterpiece, written by John Steinbeck, is one of the most representative American thrillers of all times. This is the story of two men travelling together whose friendship gives sense to their existence. George and Lennie, the two main characters, experience a series of events in a ranch that transform their lives forever. Throughout this book we can see how workers used to live in ranches during the 1930’s. This common and simple life of workers is the one that Steinbeck deeply analyzes in Of Mice and Men.

In this thriller there are three main topics described: friendship, loneliness and the sense of existence. The three of them constantly overlap in different circumstances lived by the characters in the story. Thus, it is worthy to analyze its manifestations in this book.

Friendship is the very first topic shown. It is found in every interaction between George and Lennie, which was both gentle and rough. This was an interaction similar to the relationship found among brothers.  There is also a strong relationship between Candy and his dog, which curiously was similar to the one among George and Lennie. However, in both relationships there was a strong dependency. It was so because of the different conditions they had. Lennie was a childish big guy who did not follow the society standards of behavior as well as Cand’s dog, considered a disagreeable animal for most workers. Indeed, George and Candy sacrificed themselves and constantly defended their inseparable friends.

Loneliness is another if not the paramount topic in this book. It is especially workers who live a very ordinary and habitual life that makes them feel lonely sometimes. In this story there are not many women, only one who was prohibited for being Curly’s wife, the boss’ son.  Men interaction was very direct but cold, and they did not easily share their true feeling. Most workers endured the solitude they felt, but not George and Lennie, not them because they were like brothers and looked after each other like family, at least during the time they were in the ranch.

The sense of existence is also a topic that Steinbeck shows in Of Mice and Men. All characters were looking for something in life such as earning money, being accepted,  having somebody for them, having a family, etc. The point is that they believed in something, like a dream, that made them continue living and struggling to get those things. That is what makes this story real. It has human characters with normal lives that suffer and enjoy life as it is. And it is precisely their dreams what gave sense to their existence.

When reading this book, the picturesque and concrete images you get from the characters and the places described help you to see how human the story is. It has an unexpected ending but in this part you understand the motto of a life-changing decision. That is why I strongly believe it is a major literature piece.



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Deterioration of the Ozone Layer

By Elizabeth Maldonado

The Ozone layer has negatively been affected notably by certain substances during last years. Maybe you wonder, what is the Ozone layer? Why do we need this for? Well, I have read that the Ozone layer is a thin shield of gas that covers the Earth and helps to be life possible on Earth. Without this thin shield life could not be possible. It is so important for human life due to the fact that the Ozone layer absorbs the ultraviolet radiations (UV-B) that come from the sun. Nevertheless, it is so important for human life, we have affected Ozone layer due to our daily activities in one way or another. We have used certain products that contain basically chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), which make the ozone layer decreases so it can not help us to avoid the ultraviolet radiations.

As it is said in paragraph one, the main substances that affect the Ozone layer are chlorofluorocarbons. You can find these substances on products that you use everyday. For example, sprays, paintings, insecticides, cleaning products, and domestic refrigerators. So what you can do in order to avoid the damage of the Ozone layer is not to use products with chlorofluorocarbons. If you are thinking about buying products in aerosol I recommend you to read the ingredients before buy it. If you do this you will feel more confident about the product you are buying. Also, avoid using deodorants in spray; you can substitute them for deodorants in bars. Use gel instead of spray. Avoid aerosols for shaving, instead use soup and shaving cream. Finally, I think we need to educate children in these topics to make them aware of the situation and teach them what they can do for our planet and what the consequences of bad use of products have in our environment.


To sum up, if we want to avoid making the Ozone layer thinner we need to take actions and start avoiding the use of these products. We only need to follow the recommendations and try to be more responsible of our planet. Earth has given everything to us, so it is time for us to take care of it. I think most of us want a better future for our next generations, so it is time to get involve in environmental issues and start introducing children and young people in these topics. They need to appreciate what we have and look for new alternatives to have quality of live.



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Final Fantasy XIII Review

So, we´ve played it, we love it, the remaining question is… Is FF XIII perfect? Find it out in our final Review.

The Cover

The Cover

Game Info:

Release date: March 9 2010

Developer: Square Enix

Genre: Japanese Role-Playing

ESRB: Teen

Console Version: PS3

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Versus: Laptop or a Mini Laptop; what should I buy?

By M. Alfredo

Lately; a dichotomy has raised among the technology none-casual consumers:  What should I get? Should I invest my money in a $7000 to $ 20 000 pesos Laptop? Or should I acquire a light, little, not more than $6999 pesos mini-personal computer? Well Eckhoes will aid to choose what the best choice is for you.

Let’s get this out of the way, they are completely different. Yes, both of them are computers, but in a very different range. Laptops are the equivalent of Desktop computers; they use similar technology, only reduced or adapted to fit in a mobile device. Mini-Laptops use simpler technology designed exclusively for lower performance.  The biggest difference is the chipset; Mini-laptops use a chipset called Atom, designed to low performances and doesn’t support complex processes.  That’s the reason why they use Windows XP, which is a lighter OS that can be handled by this rustic chipset.

Other reason to consider is the limited set of upgrades for a Mini-Laptop. It’s barely impossible to make any major upgrade to these computers; as a matter of fact; they are systems that are conceived for working as they are bought for their long life utility; and they have almost the same characteristics; Atom Chipset, 1gb Ram, 160 (which is translated to a around 140hd total space) Hard Drive, Windows XP, Camera and Mic integrated. The only likely upgrade you could make is expanding the Ram memory, but most of them are built with a two stock Ram, each with a 512 memory chip, so you will have to invest in two 1gb ram memories chips, supposing that you find the ones designed for the computer you bough (good luck with that)

Assuming you decided to upgrade the Ram, what should you get in reward for spending around 800 or 1200 pesos depending on the system? Well, let me tell you that not much, since that mention before this systems are designed for working with their original design; so upgrading the Ram would be pointless since the Atom Chipset will have a slightly improve performance, but nothing that worth your money.

ram... what?

ram... what?

On the other hand, Laptops upgrades are also limited, but they are more effective. Usually, the only regular modification for a Laptop is also the Ram memory, but in the case of these computers you can expand it to 2, 4, 8 or even 16 GB, depending on your model; so the reward for upgrading is much better, since Laptops use better chipsets (Dual-Core, Centrino, AMD) that actually benefit for having extra Ram in their productivity values.

Both systems are functional, depending on your needs and money; definitely Laptops are superior, but if you really need to buy a Mini-Laptop either for mobility, price, or model, here are some tips that you might want to take into consideration before purchasing this products.


  • All models, no matter if its HP, Compaq, Acer, or so, are going to be really similar, so if you are don’t care about technical issues feel free of base your purchase decision on model or price.
  • One positive aspect of Mini-Laptops is the duration of the battery. This is very important for a portable device, so I recommend you ask for a 6 cell battery model. They might be slightly more expensive, but the increase will range from 10 to 12 hours of usage, not so bad isn’t it?
  • Buy an anti-virus program and an external protection; this computers are very fragile, both software and hardware. If it gets a virus, the performance of the device will dramatically  lower; not to mention that if accidentally it fell down, it would probably be its forever end, since warranty doesn’t cover that kind of “accidents”




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Chubby kids… why???

By Alfredo Jimenez


All of us remember the time when we were kids… just a few years ago, right?

The games that we used to play, like seek and hide, or just riding bikes with our cousins … who will forget the game with an empty can simulating it was a soccer ball… oh!!!. Very nice moments. But, nowadays kids don’t play like we did… now they have the power of the “technology” like videogames, they chat instead of being outside with their peers… they spend more time watching TV.

Now I´d like to ask you this and think about it; do you see any difference between the before games and nowadays games?

You don’t? Well just to be clearer, before internet and videogames were the rule games. Kids use to be active, for example: we ran a lot, we use to sweat and we use to interact with real friends.

And maybe you are thinking in your little cousin who is playing with the xbox all daylong and is gaining weight and you don’t know why? If he only eats healthy food provided by “sabritas” and energetic drinks created for the coca-cola company… very strange, right? Those companies are as healthy as eating pure sugar and carbs…. Yummy 😀

This are just a few complications that a kid with obesity can have

h They are an easy target for heart diseases, diabetes, fractures, low esteem, do you want me to continue??

All this thanks to their active life similar to an old person activity… what happen with the old school games??

How the next generations will be??? We have to take this into account because if you want to have healthy kids you have to promote them to practice any kind of sport, and stop being passive kids. It has been proved that children who play or practice any sport are kids with a good esteem, have better grades, their interaction with their similar is best. They are less inclined to develop diseases.

As a recommendation I suggest you if you know any child with weight problems you have to help him/her to:

  • Try to change his/her life style

ü Promoting to practice any sport

ü Changing his/her nutritional habits, changing junk food for healthy food… do you remember why our mothers didn´t let us  eat so many candies and sodas?? They were worried about our weight 😀 not because is was just waste of money

  • Help him/her with the esteem, not making her/him feel bad about weight.. like calling them names… nobody likes that.. Do you??

And always remember:

Practice what you preach!!!!!!



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How and when to have “the talk” with kids

By JessGC

Talking about sexuality its quite dificcult for almost everyone, but its more difficult talking for parents to their little children and the most frequently question is: WHEN and HOW to talk about it?

As a parent you never know how to react and what to say when this situation comes, most of the times the common reaction is to avoid the questions or just lie about it and those two things are the worst.


Children will ask about their sexuality when they began to explore their own body, no matter if they are 2, 3 or 10 years old, the curiosity will grow as they do and its better that you as a parent to be prepared and give that confidence your child needs.

The questions can be about anything, from why are boys and girls different?, why do boy peed standing up and girls don’t? Or more “complicated” questions such as where do I come from? Or why was I on my mom’s belly and how did I come out?… The answeres must be clear, simple and according to their age but if the kid doesn’t look sitisfied with it then maybe you can explain a bit more until your kid gets it.

One thing that parents NEVER have to do when explaining is: to use names or nicks to some parts of the male’s or female’s body, because further than making things easier to them this will just get them more confused!!! Instead of this, explain the things as they truly are with real names if head is known as head, hand is hand then penis is known as penis not as “willie” or something like that. Another important thing is: ALWAYS ansewered what they ask and that’s it. Do not give more information about it and do not allow fear or panic to get in between your conversation.

Remember, sexuality is a natural thing and it’s important to teach our children about it in order to have a healthy life. J




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Toy story 3: The toys box is back!

By Ingrid Fuentes


Woody, Buzz, Mr. & Mrs. Potato head and the other toys are back in the scene. It will be the next June 18th when fans of Toy Story will enjoy a new episode in the life of these characters.  This time our favorite toys are in danger again. Instead of trying to catch Andy’s attention or escaping from a toy collector this episode narrates how are toys’ lives changed when Andy is going to college. Woody and friends are separated in a bag in order to be storage, but by mistake they are put in the trash can.  Consequently they arrive into a day care center in which they feel loved, but at the same time they have the necessity of meeting Andy again.  Following this line, these brave toys start the adventure of coming back home.  In my opinion this is going to be the most important of the three movies. The film will allow the world know what is next in these toy’s lives. Besides of that, I think it gives us a moral which is “take care of what is important for you”. Even though the release date is not known for our country it is expected by end of June.  Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this reencounter.



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Youngster actors who starred 3 of the most representative Mexican movies of the history

By Hugo Molina


Pedro Infante

Golden Age of Mexican cinema is well remembered today because of its different directors, photographers, music interpreters, themes, and other units which made it an unforgettable stage for the generations that have followed. However, the most memorable unit, the one that still remains in the popular mind is unquestionably the actor’s performance. Whenever a movie comes to a conversation the actor is an immediate reference of the movie; their presence is so important that it makes the movie be a success or a failure.  Cantinflas, Maria Felix, Jorge Negrete, Joaquin Pardavé, Tin-Tan and the most popular, Pedro Infante are well-remembered actors from that golden age still yearned for many of us . What is noticeable here, is that all of them are adults but what about children, teenagers, or young adults actors?, Aren’t they important?, Have they just performed as extras?, for instance, “La Tuzita” in “Los Tres Huastecos” (Ismael Rodriguez,1948). The following lines present three distinguished Mexican movies which plot is totally dependent on either children or youngsters’ performances. Such movies are: “El niño y el muro/The child and the wall” (Ismael Rodriguez, 1964), “Yanco” (Servando González, 1961.) and “Los Olvidados”/ “The Young and the Damned” (Luis Buñuel, 1955.).

The child and the wall.el niño y el muro

Once Pedro Infante died, Ismael Rodriguez tried to gain some credit for the new type of movies he shot, though, it was a difficult task for him, to almost start over as director, he made couple of movies that reached the quality he scope in his Infantian times. One of those memorable movies is  “El niño y el muro” (1964); It’s all about tenderness, discovery and fear because everything in this movie is seen through the eyes of an innocent child named Dieter(starred by Nino del Arco) who accidentally loses his ball when playing around with it , consequently, in his attempts to get it back he realizes about a different part of his reality that is  hidden  behind a wall set in Berlin after the Second World War.


Yanco Ricardo AnconaThe second movie chosen for this review, antecessor of  the Ismael Rodriguez’ story, is “Yanco”, made in 1961 by Servando Gonzalez, who chose contemporary mexican settings of those days to visually tell the story about a little boy (Ricardo Ancona) who can’t go against his natural passion towards music; he’s starting to develop his musical talent helped by an old violinist who lives in the outskirts of the village. It’s interesting to see how Juanito overcomes different difficulties to sooth his wishes towards music. Though not recognized, Yanco is an unforgettable movie that If hadn’t been for the ARIEL’s awards deferral, it would have surely been multi-awarded in 1960.

The Young and the Damned.

losolvidadosBy the 50’s, most of the directors had exploited the Mexican theme about charros, white humor and revolution, that was still a national pride. Luis Buñuel, decides to make a movie about the underground Life-style of some adolescents who live in the rural face of a modern Mexico City. Extreme realism is for me is the best definition of the movie, since Buñuel had to really do research about actual people who lived in those rustic places. The story is focused on the conflict between Pedro (Alfonso Mejía) and his karmatic antagonist “El Jaibo”(Roberto Cobo) . It’s got a tragic ending that impacted the sensitive public who watched it around recently shot, nevertheless, in the last decades the movie has been quite worldly praised, for instance, it was considered in 1994 by the famous magazine “Somos” as the second best Mexican movie of all times and in 2005 the UNESCO declared it “Memory of the World”.

The 3 movies currently reviewed are just a part of the Mexican cinema world, there are surely more movies related to children, however, the ones presented above are undeniably quite representative not only for the movies that have to do with young actors but for the whole cinema world.




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