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In this section we will make a quick review of our previous number. However, since we don’t have a previous number yet, this time we will share with you the best post to this day in our blog. We hope you enjoy them!

To touch them!! – March 21 by JessGC

One of the most little but sensitive and erotic area of a woman is not usually estimulated as it has to be…Nipples have an important role on a sexual relationship and even they can lead to an orgasm! (if you know how to touch them). They are more than two lumps in your girl so PLEASE!!! treat them well  and never do that movement as if you were tasting melons on the market because they AREN’T Full Post here

Get in shape with no time- March 3 by Alfredo

Nowadays, practicing any sport is very important due to the advantages they  provide to our health… but we as good students don’t have always the opportunity to do it;  you know.. We have homework, we have to organize some presentations for some interesting class in our lovely school; also, our “free time” is used to do extracurricular activities like get in touch by messenger, facebook or any social red linked with no physical contact; catching up with our friends that we haven’t seen for ages… Like… two or three hours since we left school, I know it’s a long period of time but hopefully we can talk to them. Full post here



Abbey Road Becomes English Heritage February 23 by Ingrid Fuentes

Abbey Road Famous Crossing

I was wondering how to start writing this post. One of my ideas was to start by recalling a song which is part of the Abbey Road volume by The Beatles. When I looked up for one song that fulfil to this requirement I found ot the following one:

I want you

I want you so bad

it’s driving me mad

… She’s so Heavy.

It caught immediately my attention the simplicity in the lyrics the one I wasn’t aware even though it is one of my favourite songs. Full entry here

Alternative movie versions about Alice in Wonderland by L. Carroll. March 28 by Hugo Molina

Blanche McManus in 1900

Lewis Carroll published Alice in Wonderland in 1870, when movies were not a way of expression yet, eventually the first illustrations about Alice were portrayed by Blanche McManus in 1900 for the current edition of that year. Three years later, and 33 years after releasing the first novel edition, a first movie inspired in this immediate classic came.

Percy Stow and Cecil Hepworth 1903

It passed almost fifty years for mankind to watch another Alice in Wonderland version, this time at the theatres. Walt Disney was the responsible to take Carroll’s story to an animated language, which has remained in the mind of thousands for decades. Read the rest here



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