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Las Batallas en el Desierto

By Aida Morales

It is a novel written by José Emilio Pacheco who tells the story of Carlos, a young guy living their scholar live as it is supposed that kids of primary school do, but everything changes when Jim arrives at the neighborhood with his mom. At the time Jose describes Carlos’s live he also recounts and describes the social and political context in which the story took place that was at the beginning of modern Mexico and the disappearance of the traditional country.

I recommend this book for the people that result complicated to read because is a short and easy due to the versatile style of Jose. This is a masterful peace that has been translated around the world and that even it has been made in song.

Any work stem from Jose Emilio is worthwhile to read I can recommend you any of them but the ones that I like the most are the already mentioned, Gota de lluvia y otros poemas para niños y jóvenes and El principio del placer



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