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Anime for children

By Harumi Vargas

Surely when you hear the word ‘anime’ the first thing that comes to your mine is ‘Dragon Ball Z’ or ‘Sailor Moon’. You may also think that the anime is intended only for children, since all cartoons (although I would say that anime is Japanese animation) are directed to them; but it is important to remember that you can find anime for children, for adolescents, for adults, etc. So, now that we are in the same frequency of ideas, I’m going to present some animes that are nice for children, although you can check them first and decide by yourself if you want to play them to your little siblings, nieces, nephews and all the children you know.

Some animes that are known in our country and that I consider are a good recommendation for children are Card Captor Sakura, Digimon, Pokemon, and Heidi, Girl of the Alps. They are relatively easy to find.

There is also this genius that creates wonderful stories for children and his name is Hayao Miyazaki. Maybe his name is unfamiliar to you but if you have seen Princess Mononoke, or Spirited Away (‘El Viaje de Chihiro’ in Spanish) then you have an idea about the work of this artist. Some of his stories for children are: Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service,  and Castle in the Sky. Although these amazing stories are intended for children, I’m sure you will enjoy them and remember again your childhood.