Versus: Laptop or a Mini Laptop; what should I buy?

By M. Alfredo

Lately; a dichotomy has raised among the technology none-casual consumers:  What should I get? Should I invest my money in a $7000 to $ 20 000 pesos Laptop? Or should I acquire a light, little, not more than $6999 pesos mini-personal computer? Well Eckhoes will aid to choose what the best choice is for you.

Let’s get this out of the way, they are completely different. Yes, both of them are computers, but in a very different range. Laptops are the equivalent of Desktop computers; they use similar technology, only reduced or adapted to fit in a mobile device. Mini-Laptops use simpler technology designed exclusively for lower performance.  The biggest difference is the chipset; Mini-laptops use a chipset called Atom, designed to low performances and doesn’t support complex processes.  That’s the reason why they use Windows XP, which is a lighter OS that can be handled by this rustic chipset.

Other reason to consider is the limited set of upgrades for a Mini-Laptop. It’s barely impossible to make any major upgrade to these computers; as a matter of fact; they are systems that are conceived for working as they are bought for their long life utility; and they have almost the same characteristics; Atom Chipset, 1gb Ram, 160 (which is translated to a around 140hd total space) Hard Drive, Windows XP, Camera and Mic integrated. The only likely upgrade you could make is expanding the Ram memory, but most of them are built with a two stock Ram, each with a 512 memory chip, so you will have to invest in two 1gb ram memories chips, supposing that you find the ones designed for the computer you bough (good luck with that)

Assuming you decided to upgrade the Ram, what should you get in reward for spending around 800 or 1200 pesos depending on the system? Well, let me tell you that not much, since that mention before this systems are designed for working with their original design; so upgrading the Ram would be pointless since the Atom Chipset will have a slightly improve performance, but nothing that worth your money.

ram... what?

ram... what?

On the other hand, Laptops upgrades are also limited, but they are more effective. Usually, the only regular modification for a Laptop is also the Ram memory, but in the case of these computers you can expand it to 2, 4, 8 or even 16 GB, depending on your model; so the reward for upgrading is much better, since Laptops use better chipsets (Dual-Core, Centrino, AMD) that actually benefit for having extra Ram in their productivity values.

Both systems are functional, depending on your needs and money; definitely Laptops are superior, but if you really need to buy a Mini-Laptop either for mobility, price, or model, here are some tips that you might want to take into consideration before purchasing this products.


  • All models, no matter if its HP, Compaq, Acer, or so, are going to be really similar, so if you are don’t care about technical issues feel free of base your purchase decision on model or price.
  • One positive aspect of Mini-Laptops is the duration of the battery. This is very important for a portable device, so I recommend you ask for a 6 cell battery model. They might be slightly more expensive, but the increase will range from 10 to 12 hours of usage, not so bad isn’t it?
  • Buy an anti-virus program and an external protection; this computers are very fragile, both software and hardware. If it gets a virus, the performance of the device will dramatically  lower; not to mention that if accidentally it fell down, it would probably be its forever end, since warranty doesn’t cover that kind of “accidents”




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