How and when to have “the talk” with kids

By JessGC

Talking about sexuality its quite dificcult for almost everyone, but its more difficult talking for parents to their little children and the most frequently question is: WHEN and HOW to talk about it?

As a parent you never know how to react and what to say when this situation comes, most of the times the common reaction is to avoid the questions or just lie about it and those two things are the worst.


Children will ask about their sexuality when they began to explore their own body, no matter if they are 2, 3 or 10 years old, the curiosity will grow as they do and its better that you as a parent to be prepared and give that confidence your child needs.

The questions can be about anything, from why are boys and girls different?, why do boy peed standing up and girls don’t? Or more “complicated” questions such as where do I come from? Or why was I on my mom’s belly and how did I come out?… The answeres must be clear, simple and according to their age but if the kid doesn’t look sitisfied with it then maybe you can explain a bit more until your kid gets it.

One thing that parents NEVER have to do when explaining is: to use names or nicks to some parts of the male’s or female’s body, because further than making things easier to them this will just get them more confused!!! Instead of this, explain the things as they truly are with real names if head is known as head, hand is hand then penis is known as penis not as “willie” or something like that. Another important thing is: ALWAYS ansewered what they ask and that’s it. Do not give more information about it and do not allow fear or panic to get in between your conversation.

Remember, sexuality is a natural thing and it’s important to teach our children about it in order to have a healthy life. J




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