Final Fantasy XIII Review

So, we´ve played it, we love it, the remaining question is… Is FF XIII perfect? Find it out in our final Review.

The Cover

The Cover

Game Info:

Release date: March 9 2010

Developer: Square Enix

Genre: Japanese Role-Playing

ESRB: Teen

Console Version: PS3

Personally, I have never played a Final Fantasy Game. In fact, I’m not a huge fan or JRPG, since I grown up playing original RPG’s (like D&D and Vampire) but I have played some of  these very popular games, and let me tell you, here is a true winner. If you are either a constant gamer, or an RPG fanatic, you know how important this saga is. It has lots of fans around the world, and some of the games and characters from this series are recognized as the best of all time. But as a newcomer of the series, I will tell you, this game it’s an instant classic. Set in the world of Cocoon, filled with hostility, politic and social problems, the brick of war had tear apart what for our eyes will be a beautiful and mind-blowing place. So let’s get into the basics.

Lightning Final Fantasy xiii

yes, she IS a Lightning

The Presentation: 9/10

This is what you might expect from a game that has caused a lot of expectation in recent memory. The story and ALMOST, all the characters are more than unforgettable, nearly perfect story, beautiful and well directed cut scenes, top notch cohesion and well constructed menus are just the tip of this huge package that you will love since the first moment it touches your console. Probably, one character will get our nerves very often (59 hours of the 60 that you will need for a single play through)

final fantasy 13 gameplay

That's a light!

Game play: 8/10

Here is where I think you’ll find the best and the worst FFXII Features; flashy, fun, deep, and addictive, those are only a few adjectives that you, without any doubt, will find right for this game’s game play. You can easily forget what are you doing, what, or why, if you got hooked by this very entertaining game play (not easy task considering how appealing the story and characters are) the greatest fail of this game is here; linear exploration and skill progression really kill what could have been an incredible experience.

fun final fantasy xiii

it looks fun!

Graphics 9/10

Ok, let’s be fair here, we played both, ps3 and Xbox 360 versions, and the PS3 version is substantially better. This is hard to say in a multiplatform game, but this time PS3 is a clear winner. If you own both systems, PS3 it’s the best choice, even if you got a sucky Mexican PSN ID, because is not probable that any downloadable content will be released, and if it does, it sure will be in our local shop. Overall, this game is gorgeous, with only a few frame drops, or some slowdowns but you won’t care, they are not frequent or intrusive. The artistic graphics of this game are the winners, while technically it’s good; it’s not Kill zone or Uncharted 2.

vanille final fantasy xiii

we hate you!

Sound 10/10

Some friends were discussion that the Real High Definition goes beyond the full HD displays, it hast to do also with sound. So, yes, this game is a full High Definition experience. Memorable tunes, in and outside combat are joined be a great voice acting. Only Vanille will drive you mad once in a while, but somehow, our brains learnt how to block her. Best wishes to you.

Final Note: 9 Superb

There is little that we can say about this game, it’s not perfect, it’s somehow linear and skill progression is pointless to care about over the second half of the game; but, if you are looking for a good game experience, or you are a JRPG fan, you will find FFXII an excellent game on its own.



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