Chubby kids… why???

By Alfredo Jimenez


All of us remember the time when we were kids… just a few years ago, right?

The games that we used to play, like seek and hide, or just riding bikes with our cousins … who will forget the game with an empty can simulating it was a soccer ball… oh!!!. Very nice moments. But, nowadays kids don’t play like we did… now they have the power of the “technology” like videogames, they chat instead of being outside with their peers… they spend more time watching TV.

Now I´d like to ask you this and think about it; do you see any difference between the before games and nowadays games?

You don’t? Well just to be clearer, before internet and videogames were the rule games. Kids use to be active, for example: we ran a lot, we use to sweat and we use to interact with real friends.

And maybe you are thinking in your little cousin who is playing with the xbox all daylong and is gaining weight and you don’t know why? If he only eats healthy food provided by “sabritas” and energetic drinks created for the coca-cola company… very strange, right? Those companies are as healthy as eating pure sugar and carbs…. Yummy 😀

This are just a few complications that a kid with obesity can have

h They are an easy target for heart diseases, diabetes, fractures, low esteem, do you want me to continue??

All this thanks to their active life similar to an old person activity… what happen with the old school games??

How the next generations will be??? We have to take this into account because if you want to have healthy kids you have to promote them to practice any kind of sport, and stop being passive kids. It has been proved that children who play or practice any sport are kids with a good esteem, have better grades, their interaction with their similar is best. They are less inclined to develop diseases.

As a recommendation I suggest you if you know any child with weight problems you have to help him/her to:

  • Try to change his/her life style

ü Promoting to practice any sport

ü Changing his/her nutritional habits, changing junk food for healthy food… do you remember why our mothers didn´t let us  eat so many candies and sodas?? They were worried about our weight 😀 not because is was just waste of money

  • Help him/her with the esteem, not making her/him feel bad about weight.. like calling them names… nobody likes that.. Do you??

And always remember:

Practice what you preach!!!!!!



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